Why Even New Home Builds Need a Property Inspection

There are many benefits when it comes to building a new house – you can choose the house’s layout, create your dream kitchen and ensure there’s an en suite. You can enjoy a modern interior style and freshly painted walls. You can go to bed in a house never before slept in. But one thing you should not do is skip the property inspection.

If you’re building a house in Tauranga or the Bay of Plenty, get the qualified property inspectors at Straight Up Inspections to take a look. You’ll sleep easy under that new roof once you know that it’s well-built.

How can there be problems with a newly built house?

Unfortunately, newly built and perfectly built are not the same thing. While older houses have wear and tear, the main concern with a new build is quality. Reputable builders should be doing everything by the code, but sometimes shortcuts are taken, building consents are flouted and construction is rushed. By paying for an independent and qualified third party to inspect the property, you are ensuring that these issues will be caught.

A house inspection carried out by a professional building inspector will alert you to major or minor issues as well as potential problems that can crop up down the track. With a good builder, your property should pass its inspection, but it’s a small fee to pay for peace of mind. You’d rather find out now, before you hand over the money!

What do property inspectors look for?

A new house inspection is similar to any other property, but our focus is making sure the new house is in excellent condition and no shortcuts have been taken. Some of the areas house inspectors will give particular attention include:

• Structural soundness

• Underfloor and ceiling insulation

• Drainage, wiring and plumbing

• Handrails, fixtures and hardware

• Roofs, guttering and chimneys

• Doors and windows

• Driveways and decks

What are my rights?

You’ve paid for a new build and wisely got a building inspector to make sure everything is up to scratch. Unfortunately, issues were found. Now what?

Legally, your builder must fix any issue with your newly built property within one year. And if you’ve worked with a Master Builder, you’ll have a ten-year warranty. Repairing any issue is your builder, developer or contractor’s responsibility and should not cost you a cent.

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