What You Can Expect to Get in a Building Report

Because of the nature of house sales, you’ll likely find yourself buying the biggest purchase of your life having only looked at it once or twice. You don’t get to sleep under your roof, have a shower or cook in the kitchen before buying – but what you can do is make sure a qualified building inspector thoroughly checks the house on your behalf.

Straight Up Inspections offers comprehensive inspections carried out by a qualified builder in Tauranga, Rotorua the Bay of Plenty and parts of the Waikato. Here’s what you can expect to get with our building reports.

Visual examination

Any property inspection starts with a visual examination looking at the house’s exterior, interior, roof and site area. Qualified house inspectors often instantly notice things about a property that untrained eyes would miss.

We are looking for obvious and subtle signs of damage or wear and tear including cracks, leaks, mould and other defects. We also examine plumbing, moisture, engineering and electrical.

Maintenance suggestions  

After noticing any faults in the property, your building inspector will suggest what should be done to repair the damage. This is a very important part of the property report as it essentially gives the buyer a bargaining chip.

Knowing what work needs to be done, you can either ask the owner to repair the damage or use the information to take some money off your price. For sellers, this knowledge helps you price the property appropriately or repair the problem before listing your home.  

Moisture levels, insulation and ventilation

A lack of water tightness can affect a house’s structural integrity, which is why our building inspectors carry out reliable, non-invasive moisture meter tests in high-risk areas. We also assess the property’s insulation, heating systems and ventilation.

Summary of findings

The final step of a pre-purchase building inspection is an inspection summary, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the house’s condition. Included in your summary of findings will be:

• Significant faults or defects

• A list of items in the property – insulation, heating, power points

• Other inspections needed – such as plumbing, engineering, drainage

Your reports are easy to understand and include notes, photographs of any defects or flaws and a complete explanation of the findings.

You’ll receive a certificate confirming the property has been inspected in compliance with NZS4306:2005.

Impartial results

We are independent building inspectors with no ties to local real estate groups, building companies or any other company with a vested interest in our findings. This means our property inspections are complete, unbiased and can be trusted.  

Same day building reports

Your extensive pre-purchase building report will be sent to you via e-mail on the same day the inspection takes place.

Arrange a pre-purchase property inspection

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