Five Things a Buyer Sees Differently to a Building Inspector

When home buyers walk into a house and fall in love, their lenses can quickly become rose-tinted. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm can mask issues with the house and lead to disappointment on moving day – luckily building inspections can help!

Professional building inspectors like Tauranga’s Straight Up Inspections have no emotional attachment to the property, plus we have professional experience and industry knowledge on our side. Here are five ways a buyer’s vision differs to that of a house inspector.

“What a charming old villa!”

Building inspectors love a villa as much as the next guy, but we also bring a realistic understanding that these older homes come with their challenges. While you’ve fallen in love with the latticework and high ceilings, a building inspection will look for common age-related flaws to gorgeous old-fashioned homes like rotten timber, uneven floors and insufficient insulation.

“The house is new, so it must be good.”

It is a common misconception that newly built buildings are always superior, but building inspectors are quick to point out that even leaky homes were once shiny and new. So long as you get a pre-purchase building inspection and building report, feel free to appreciate the modern layout, beautiful concrete benchtop and large bedrooms that many new houses offer, safe in the knowledge that your house inspector has carefully assessed the house inside and out.

“Oh no, there’s a crack in that wall.”

While cracks in the walls can indicate structural problems, they can also be harmless. If you are worried that your dream property is too good to be true, a building inspection is a great way to get honest answers. Often times, a crack in the wall is just cosmetic, but don’t trust real estate agents or current home owners – the building inspector will be the judge.

“That fireplace will keep us warm.”

The mere presence of a fireplace doesn’t guarantee that a house will be warm. We agree that fireplaces provide warmth and atmosphere like no other type of home heating, but the caveat is that they must be in working order to do so. Building inspectors will visually assess the condition of the fireplace, revealing if there’s damage that may affect the warmth it puts out or means that it will soon need to be replaced.

“I love the freshly painted walls.”

Freshly painted walls look better than scratches and peeling wallpaper, but the cynical mind of a property inspector also starts to wonder what those freshly painted walls are hiding. Is a leak, water stain or crack being covered up? A house inspection will reveal how innocent that fresh coat of paint is.

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