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Meth Testing

Protect your family’s health!

Are you aware that meth labs can be located virtually anywhere – including private rural or urban residential dwellings, commercial properties, hotels, boats and apartments? 

During the methamphetamine-manufacturing process, chemical compounds become airborne and settle on walls, ceilings, appliances, floors, carpets and other typical household items throughout the interior.
The presence of these chemicals may create health hazards for the building occupants, particularly young children who crawl across floors, and may represent significant liability to property owners.
In domestic residences it is most likely to be future tenants or owners who will unknowingly suffer the effects from exposure to residual contaminants. (

Straight Up Inspections will test your house for traces of methamphetamine.  It is a safe process with no risk of damage to any surfaces.

Starting at $250 inc GST. Please call us on 021 2042630 for a quote.